Caramel Colour (Powder And Liquid)

Tierra Overseas if manufacturer and supplier of high quality Caramel Colour Powder and Liquid in India.


Culinary Use

1. Used as a flavouring agent in candies and desserts.
2. Used as a filling agent and softener in different beverages, puddings and soups.
3. Used as a pharmaceutical agent.
4. Has a characteristic bitter, burnt-sugar taste. It imparts a rich aroma of natural sugarcane.

Couleur caramel (poudre et liquide), Karamell Farbe (Pulver und Flüssigkeit), Cor Caramelo (Pó e Líquido), Color caramelo (polvo y líquido), Burnt Sugar, Coloring Agent, water soluble food coloring agent, tinctorial,emulsifier,