Annatto Colour Liquid

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of Annatto Colour Liquid in India.

Annatto Colour Liquid is an orange-red condiment and food colour derived from the seeds of the achiote tree (Bixa orellana). It is often used to impart a yellow or orange colour to foods. The color of annatto comes from various carotenoid pigments, mainly bixin and norbixin, which are found in the reddish waxy coating of the seeds. The condiment is typically prepared by grinding the seeds into a powder or paste. Annatto is a natural alternative to synthetic food colouring compounds. Tierra Overseas if manufacturer of high quality Annatto Colour Liquid.

Biological Source : Bixa orellana

Family : bixaceae


Annatto color is available in two grades :

1.Annatto Colour Oil Soluble: Bixin
• Bixin is an apocarotenoid found in annatto.
• Annatto seeds contain about 5% pigments, which consist of 70-80% Bixin.
• Bixin is soluble in fats but insoluble in water.
• Bixin is chemically unstable in nature.

2.Annatto Colour Water Soluble: Nor Bixin
• Annatto Bixin upon exposure to alkali, the methyl ester is hydrolyzed to produce the dicarboxylic acid norbixin, a water-soluble derivative.
• Annatto Nor Bixin reduces the need for emulsifiers or gums.
• Nor Bixin is stable in nature.


Culinary Use

• Grinded annatto seeds, often mixed with other seeds or spices, are used in form of paste or powder for culinary use.
• Many cuisines traditionally use annatto in recipes of Spanish origin that originally call for saffron.
• Annatto is used in the preparation of hallacas, perico, and other traditional dishes.
• Annatto seeds are also a component of some local sauces and condiments.
• Annatto is very useful as an ingredient in Industrial colouring too.

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