Paprika Colour (Powder and Liquid)

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of Paprika Colour (Powder and Liquid) in India.

Biological Source : Capsicum annuum                                                   Family : Solanaceae

Paprika oleoresin, also known as paprika extract is an oil soluble extract from the fruits of Capsicum Annum Linn or Capsicum Frutescens (Indian red chillies), and is primarily used as a colouring and/or flavouring in food products. It is composed of capsaicin, the main flavouring compound giving pungency in higher concentrations, and capsanthin and capsorubin, the main colouring compounds (among other carotenoids). Tierra Overseas if manufacturer of high quality Paprika Colour.

Paprika colour exists in two forms :

1. Paprika color liquid water soluble (40,000 IU)
2. Paprika color liquid oil soluble (40,000 IU )

Paprika Colour liquid water soluble (40,000 IU)
Classification: – E160c
Color Shade: – Pink Yellow – pale Orange
Solubility: – Soluble in water
Consistency: – Free flowing liquid
Specific gravity: – 0.7

Application :
1. Used as a garnishing agent.
2. Paprika can be mixed with bread crumbs before sprinkling them over casseroles or vegetables.

Paprika Colour liquid oil soluble (40,000 IU)
Classification:- E160c
Color shade:- Dark Red colour
Solubility:- Soluble in most of grease and mineral oil
Consistency:- Thick liquid

Application :
1. Used as a Pharmaceutical emulsifiers.
2. Useful in various sauce preparation, Cheese, orange juice, spice mixtures and sweets.


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