Henna Powder

Tierra Overseas is supplier of henna in India. Henna is a tall shrub or small tree, standing 1.8 to 7.6 m tall (6 to 25 ft). It is glabrous and multi-branched, with spine-tipped branches. The leaves grow opposite each other on the stem. They are glabrous, sub-sessile, elliptical, and lanceolate. It is also known as hina, henna tree, mignonette tree, Lawsonia alba Lamk, Samphire, Madayantika and Egyptian privet. Henna flowers are white and fruits are small, brownish round capsules.

Biological Source : Lawsonia inermis                                            Family : Lythraceae


We have 100% Natural dry Henna Powder. It’s lawsone contain is around 2.26-2.6 %.  We manufacture henna with high lawsone content because of this it gives dark color. Our henna is free from the chemical called: “Para-Phenylenediamine [PPD]”. We process henna in by meshing it twice and then finely sifted with cloth to make it fine powder.


Uses of Henna Powder :

  1. Improves hair growth and act as a best supplement and hair tonic. The combination of henna powder and mustard oil is an excellent remedy for hair fall.
  2. It is a deep conditioner that gives excellent look to hairs.
  3. Using henna regularly hair cures dandruff and prevents it from coming back. It also controls scalp itchiness.
  4. It is also found to act as anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory agent.
  5. Henna Powder is also useful to relieve headache.
  6. It also found to cure Joint pains.
  7. Useful in leprosy and other skin disorders.
  8. Act as a sedatives.
  9. Reduces blood pressure and speed healing or bruises and burns.
  10. Henna seed and bark is also used as an astringent in deodorants, to help with insomnia, and help detox the liver and encourage and healthy spleen.


Storage : Henna should be store at room temp and not beyond 40 degree.