Cardamom Oil

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of natural Cardamom Oil in India.

Biological Source : Elettaria cardamomum

Family : ‎Zingiberaceae

Cardamom Essential Oil is obtained from Steam Distillation of seeds of  Elettaria cardamomum. It has a thin consistency and clear color. Cardamom Essential Oil is a beautiful and intriguing oil for both aromatic and therapeutic blending. Aromatically, Cardamom Essential Oil is a spicy-sweet middle note that blends well other spice oils, citrus oils, wood oils, and so many other oils.

Major Constituents


a-Terpinyl Acetate

Linalyl acetate




Benefits of Cardamom Oil

  1. Maintains Health.
  2. Boosts Overall Health.
  3. Relieves Muscular Spasms.
  4. Antimicrobial Nature.
  5. Stimulates Digestive Systems.
  6. Diuretic.
  7. Maintains Normal Body Temp.
  8. Gives Skin Radiance.
  9. Disinfecting Property.
  10. Natural Cleanser.
  11. Skin toner.
  12. Prevents scalp infections.
  13. Maintains hair health.
  14. Cures dandruff.