About Us

TIERRA OVERSEAS is a premier name excelling in the field of Edible Products. It was set up by a group of entrepreneurs, who have a rich experience in the field of agriculture and food products and who believe in ethics and moral values. The mentors of our company take pride in the facts- 70+ products, 20+ customers, 50+ tons of storage and 12+ serving countries. Our achievements and success is not limited to just numbers.  From our company’s headquarters in Mumbai (India) incorporated in the year 2015, we are manufacturing and exporting Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Black Salt, Epsom Salt and Bio inoculants (Lyophilized, Liquid, Granule, Powder).

The multi-dimensional Manufacturer & Supplier provides right product with right quality, at right price and at a right time. Through our expertise in efficient handling and processing systems, we have developed strong business relations with overseas buyers. Buyers can associate with us for a long-terms and mutually profitable business relationship.

Our Highlights

Service to our clients is always a priority to us. We continuously upgrade work procedures and working environment.

We have Young & Dynamic professionals with zeal to process each order with finesse. Our employees are periodically trained specially to have a customer centric approach and for their overall development.

With the best quality at a very competitive price, our clients experience a hassle free timely execution and delivery of orders. Packing is of international standard with options of customization. Shipments are tracked closely and regular updates are provided to our clients till it reaches its destination.

An expansive product range does not fence our way to provide time bound supplies across the nation and other countries.

In an effort to preserve environment, we have not included toxic products in our portfolio.

Many products from our product portfolio are used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals also.

The business processes and systems are designed to maintain the needed quality and cost. The pre-planned approach is followed to build strong and lasting relationship with customers.

TIERRA OVERSEAS is steadily expanding its wings and it has already supplied products to major markets of the world.

Our Ethics

  • Do not support the concept of Child Labour
  • Promote products that are non toxic, non GMO & eco friendly
  • Promote products that are free from Radiation Exposure
  • Follow cruelty free, products testing
  • Promote Green Business Practices
  • Promote Practices for Caring and Consideration Policies
  • Promote below ethical principles at Workplace
    – Honesty
    – Trustworthiness
    – Loyalty
    – Respect for others
    – Adherence to the law
    – Doing good and Avoiding harm to others
    – Accountability


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Halal Certificate


REX Registered

Earth is the only livable planet known to humans till now. So come join us save Earth and preserve life.

  • Quality of Neem Oil
  • Black Salt Chunks
  • Black Salt Fine Powder
  • Sample Packing
  • Drums
  • Boxes
  • Protech Environment