Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of high quality Bio NPK in India.

Bio NPK is able to synthesize/assimilate atmospheric nitrogen, solubilize phosphate and mobilizes potash into available form, thereby providing balanced nutrition to the plant.



CFU Formulation
1 x 10per gm Wettable Powder (WP) and Granules (GR)
1 x 10per ml Aqueous Solution (AS)


Mode of Action The dormant mirobes on reaching the soil and getting moisture activate themselves, start multiplication by utilizing the carbon source in the soil or from root exudates.The microbes fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it readily available to plants. Simultaneously phosphate solubilizing bacteria secretes organic acids like Malic acid, Succinic acid, Gluconic acid, Keto-Gluconic acid and solubilizes complex phosphorus into phosphate and make it readily available to the plant. Similarly, Potash mobilizing bacteria releases potash from soil lattice and make it readily available to plants. Thus, one product helps the plant get all primary nutrient.
Benefits of Bio NPK • Bio NPK converts non available forms of micronutrients into available form.
• Increases yield upto 15%-25%.
•Bio NPK encourages early and better seed germination, increases root and shoot growth and reduce dosage requirement of chemical fertilizers (nearly by 25% – 30%) initially.
• Increases number of grains, size and weight of grain and total productivity.
• Bio NPK can be used for all Crop plants, orchard and trees.
Eco-Friendly Extremely safe to mammals, human beings, animals, natural parasites, predators, non target insects, fishes, birds, etc.
Method of Use Mix recommended quantity of the product with well decomposed farm yard manure or farm soil and broadcast during the last ploughing or sowing followed by irrigation.  An evening time is ideal for broadcasting this product.

In case of liquid formulation, shake the bottle well before use. Once a bottle is opened the entire content is to be used at once. This product should not be mixed with any antibacterial agent or any chemical fertilizer.

Recommended for Millets, Oilseeds, Fruits & Vegetables, Coconut, Oil palm, Cotton, Chilly, Lime, Tea, Banana, Flowers, Spices, Contiments, Herbs, Perinnial trees.
Dose 4 kg per ha or 2 ltr per ha
Storage Store the bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.
Note We can provide a consortium/mixture of various bacteria/fungi/microorganisms as per requirement.

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