Thiobacillus thiooxidans

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of high quality Thiobacillus thiooxidans (Sulphur solubilizing bactieria) in India.

Sulphur is one of the 17 essential plant nutrients. It is a macronutrient required by plants for synthesis of enzymes, oils, chlorophyll and vitamins. A deficiency of Sulphur at any stage can reduce yield in crops.

Role of Sulphur
• Sulphur helps in formation of chlorophyll which permits photosynthesis.
• Sulphur is a constituent of cysteine, cystine and methionine (three s-containing amino acids) which are building block of protein. Approximately 90% of plant Sulphur is present in these amino acids.
• Sulhpur is essential for synthesis of oils hence adequate sulphur is very important for oilseeds.
• Sulphur activates enzymes which help in bio chemical reaction within the plant.
• Sulphur increases crop yiled and improves product quality.


CFU Formulation
1 x 10per gm Granules (GR)
1 x 10per ml Aqueous Solution (AS)


Mode of Action Thiobacillus thiooxidans produces organic acids and converts the insoluble form of sulphur into available form through lowering the soil pH and breaking down the complex.
Benefits of Thiobacillus thiooxidans  Provides Sulphur already available in the soil in fixed form.
Eco-Friendly The product is extremely safe and non-toxic to human beings, plants, animals, birds, fishes and all other non target organisms. Contains no phytotoxicity and exempted from residue analysis.
Method of Use Mix recommended quantity of the product with well decomposed farm yard manure or farm soil and broadcast during the last ploughing or sowing followed by irrigation.  An evening time is ideal for broadcasting this product.

In case of liquid formulation, shake the bottle well before use. Once a bottle is opened the entire content is to be used at once. This product should not be mixed with any antibacterial agent or any chemical fertilizer.

Recommended for Millets, Oilseeds, Fruits & Vegetables, Coconut, Oil palm, Cotton, Chilly, Lime, Tea, Banana, Flowers, Spices, Contiments, Herbs, Perinnial trees.
Dose 7 kg per ha or 2 ltr per ha
Storage Store the bottles in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.
Note We can provide a consortium/mixture of various bacteria/fungi/micro organisms as per requirement.

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