Natural Papaya Powder

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of papaya powder in India.

Papaya is a powerhouse of nutrients and is available throughout the year. The papaya, papaw, or pawpaw is the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The papaya is a large, tree-like plant, with a single stem growing from 5 to 10 m (16 to 33 ft) tall, with spirally arranged leaves confined to the top of the trunk. The lower trunk is conspicuously scarred where leaves and fruit were borne. The leaves are large, 50–70 cm (20–28 in) in diameter, deeply palmately lobed, with seven lobes.

Made from fresh papaya fruits through a special drying process, it remains very much natural in its nutritive contents. Papaya powder is pale yellow color. It has a characteristic flavor. Bulk density is 0.65 – 0.80g/ml. Powder is passes through mesh size of 30. Total acidity is not more than 2%. pH is between 5.0 – 6.0. Moisture max 5%. Total ash is max 5%.


Biological Source Carica Papaya
Family Caricaceae
Culinary Use of Papaya Powder • Papaya Fruit powder is very much useful in meat tenderizing.
• It can be used in many recipes as a flavoring agent.
• It could also be sprinkled directly onto meat before baking and mixed into soups and stews.
• It could be pressed into tablets and sold as medicine for the relief of digestion problems due to its intact nutritive content.
• It is also useful in the preparation of milk shakes and baby foods.
• Papaya powder is also useful in the preparation of Salalds.
Health Benefits of Papaya Powder • Papayas are wonderful sources of Vitamins A, C, E, and B. Our Papaya Juice Powder contains above-average amounts. of vital nutrients like potassium and magnesium.
• Papaya powder also promotes healing in its own right, it has a synergistic effect on other nutrient-rich foods.
• Combining our Papaya Juice Powder with other superfoods like goji berries, mangosteen, and acai berries allows for maximum functionality of those fruits and an increased sense of wellness.
• Papaya powders are most known for their effectiveness in treating gastrointestinal ailments like indigestion. They are also a great defense against colon cancer, urinary tract infections, and constipation.
• Papaya juice powder boosts the immune system.
• It is useful for healing skin problem.
• Useful in protection against infection.
• Improves milk flow in nursing women.