Natural Pomegranate Powder

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of high quality pomegranate powder in India.

It is one of the most popular fruits, which is cultivated for food, juice, flavour and colour. The name pomegranate is derived from the French words “pomme garnete”, which means seeded apple. The pomegranate is a rounded shrub that typically grows 12 to 14 feet high and is native from India to Iran. The rich, red fruit is surrounded by a hard leathery skin that protects a delicate sweetly flavoured pomegranate seeds inside. Every pomegranate fruit is composed of exactly 840 seeds.

The inner membranes and rind is not consumed due to the high acid content, but are often used by the cosmetic companies as an active ingredient in the skin care products.

Pomegranate powder is made from both seeds and pomace of the pomegranate. It is widely used for its nutritive value in various health supplement products. Pomegranate powder is light pink in color. It has a characteristic flavor. Bulk density of the powder is 0.65 – 0.80g/ml. Passes through mesh size of #30. pH is 2.5 – 3.5. Total acidity is not more than 3%. Moisture 5% and total ash 4%.


Biological Source Punica granatum
Family Lythraceae
Culinary Use of Pomegranate Powder • Pomegranate powder is very much useful in deserts and baby foods.
• Pomegranate powder is mainly useful in preparation of different fruit cocktail.
• Pomegranate powders are used as a spice known as anardana.
• Pomegranate powder is also used as a sprinkling agent in different fruit salads.
• It is also used in chutny’s and curry preparation in some countries.
• Pomegranate powder is used in cooking, baking, meal garnishes, juice blends, smoothies, and alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails and wine.
Health Benefits of Pomegranate Powder • Pomegranate powder contains a high amount of vitamin E, a nutrient very beneficial for maintaining the health of the skin.
• Pomegranate powder helps to expedite wound healing.
• Pomegranate powder helps to protect sun aging and skin cancer.
• Pomegranate powder works as antioxidant.
• It is also useful for skin inflammation.
• It is also useful for improving digestion.
• Pomegranate powder is found to be very effective in treatment of piles.
• Pomegranate powder is very useful for preventing the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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