Natural Beetroot Juice Powder

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of Natural Beetroot juice powder in India.

Beetroot juice powder is just another form of processed beets. The beets are processed and dried to form a very concentrated powder of pure beetroot juice extract. The red-violet pigments in beets are not only beautiful, they are actually a unique and highly valuable form of antioxidant called betacyanins, widely studied for their ability to promote optimal health by supporting healthy detoxification and managing inflammation responses.


Biological Source  Beta Vulgaris
Family  Amaranthaceae
Culinary Use of Beetroot Juice Powder • Red Beet Juice Powder is used as a coloring agent in different food preparations.
• The dried root powder  administered directly and sprinkled over food products.
• Beet root powder is used in many food and non-food products. Spaghetti sauces, gravy mixes, salad dressings and dry coatings.
Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice Powder 1. Beetroot juice powder is also a rich source of a group of chemicals called nitrates. Nitrates help improve blood flow throughout the body by relaxing the blood vessels.
2. Red and yellow beets powder may help to lower blood pressure.
3. Beets are a rich source of antioxidants, which helps to boost the immune system.
4. Beetroot juice powder may help alleviate sickness faster and even help to prevent sickness.
5. Beetroot juice powder has also can help the body respond to exercise by increasing stamina and increasing oxygen delivery to muscles.
6. Red Beet Juice powder also  improves circulation.