Natural Carrot Powder

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of Natural Carrot Powder in India.

Carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, red, white, and yellow varieties exist. It has a crisp texture when fresh. The most commonly eaten part of a carrot is a taproot, although the greens portion is sometimes eaten as well. It is a domesticated form of the wild carrot Daucus carota, native to Europe and southwestern Asia. The domestic carrot has been selectively bred for its greatly enlarged and more palatable, less woody-textured edible taproot.

Spray dried carrot powder is widely used in various confectioneries, bakery products, dairy products for drinks, beverages etc. Its rich colour and flavour gives the necessary goodness to the food products. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical and baby food products.


Biological Source Daucus Carota
Family Umbelliferae
Culinary Use

of Carrot Powder

• Carrot powder are used in a variety of ways, as salads or as vegetables added to spicy rice or dal dishes
• Carrot powder is also useful in popular variation in north India “Gajar ka halwa”.
• Very useful in ready to eat snack food.
• The sweetness of carrot powder allows the vegetable to be used in some fruit-like roles.
• Carrot powder is very much useful in carrot cakes, as well as carrot puddings.
Health Benefits

of Carrot Powder

1. A serving of carrots (one medium carrot or ½ cup chopped) will provide about:
• 210% of the average daily recommended amount of vitamin A
• 10% vitamin K
• 6% vitamin C
• 2% calcium
2. Carrot powder also contain potassium, vitamin B6, copper, folic acid, thiamine and magnesium.
3. Eating more deep-orange-colored fruits and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).
4. Antioxidants in carrots, including beta-carotene, may play a role in cancer prevention.
5. Carrot powder has been found to be useful for the management of cognitive dysfunctions and may offer memory improvement and cholesterol-lowering benefits.