Food Colours

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer of food colours in India, which are derived from natural sources such as vegetables, minerals, or animals. Nature derived colour additives are typically more expensive than certified colours and may add unintended flavours to foods. Our naturally derived colours are not required to be certified by a number of regulatory bodies throughout the world.

We offer a wide range of Natural Food Colours in Powder as well as Liquid Forms which have greater stability and specific application assistance.

Food colouring or colour additive, is any dye, pigment or substance that imparts colour when it is added to food or drink. They come in many forms consisting of liquids, powders, gels, and pastes. Food colouring is used both in commercial food production and in domestic cooking. Food colorants are also used in a variety of non-food applications including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, home craft projects, and medical devices.

We manufacture Natural Colour by managing factors such as pH, heat, light storage and other ingredients of the formula or recipe. The storage conditions for natural colours depends on the particular need of the product.

A tight sealed container is best to store the product in a cool storage to preserve colour strength and quality, along with its degree of cooling point.

Natural food colour is widely used in Frozen Products, Desserts, Sauces, Malted and Chocolate Beverages, Soups and Beverage Premixes.

These natural colours include the red from paprika fruits, yellow from turmeric roots, orange red of annatto seeds, yellow-orange from marigold flowers and green from leaves.