Epsom Salt

Tierra Overseas is manufacturer and supplier of high quality Epsom Salt.

Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

• For Body relaxation.
• For reliving cramping and pain.
• Muscle and Nerve Function.
• For Arterial Health.
• Regulate blood sugar.
• Relieves Constipation.
• Helps to Remove Splinters
• Soothe Sprains and Bruises.
• Keep Feet Healthy.
• Ease Discomfort of Gout.
• Exfoliate the skin.
• Natural Face cleanser.
• Dislodge blackheads.Being great for health and beauty, personal care products, home and the garden, Epsom salt works great for a number of crafting projects as well.
Epsom salt is also useful to relive itching from summer ailments.
Magnesium and Sulphate in the Epsom Salt helps in improving sleep, fighting cold and flu.

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